About Us

It all started...

We met in May of 2005 while working in a busy restaurant in “Old Town” Alexandria, Virginia. After hitting it off, we spent a lot of time cooking together… Steven taught Liz to speak Spanish; Liz taught Steven to use chopsticks.  Our love for each other grew amidst our shared love of preparing, eating and tasting all different kinds of food. The idea for La Boca was born in those first few months of courtship.

what began as a community bakery...

On July 5th of 2012 we opened our bakery, La Boca on Mill Street inside the Mill Street Meat Market. Year after year we expanded our offerings. In the spring of 2017, an opportunity arose to move our operation to a more central location on Main Street- a space that allowed for a small restaurant to exist as well. On July 5, of 2017 the bakery celebrated 5 years in business and that same night, we opened La Boca Restaurant.  

living our dream

Our menu is a reflection of our histories, travel, adventures, and research into other cultures and cuisines. We prepare the foods that we love to make and love to eat. While we keep a core menu for each season, we do change dishes periodically throughout, as new ingredients become available. It's our goal that your dinner at La Boca is outstanding- starting with bread freshly made on the premises that morning and ending with a thoughtfully house-made dessert.